Unlock a new level of productivity in your Assembly Line

It's time to transform manual assembly


We analyze work across 1000s of cycles to continuously improve operations


Identify root-causes for quality problems and define measures to avoid them in the future


Quickly train new workers or re-train them for new tasks with video-based best-practices

What we do

We believe that humans are critically important in today's manufacturing operations. We build software that assists workers & process experts in their daily job to make human work more effective, reduce errors and increase flexibility.

How does it Work?

1. Real-time capture with cameras

Cameras are installed at individual assembly stations capturing live video streams of assembly or packaging tasks.

2. AI tracks material & work steps

Video streams are continuously analyzed to detect workpiece movements, cycle times, and work step sequencing.

3. Aggregation for data analysis

Process data is aggregated per article and production to provide insights on process performance. Video snippets allow for a comprehensive root-cause analysis.

4. Data-driven improvements

Your factory managers and process engineers define, implement and measure process improvements  to increase productivity and quality in your assembly line.

We ❤️ data privacy

We highly value data privacy and put strict measures in place to protect the privacy of shop-floor workers. All video streams are strongly anonymized and personal information is not stored.

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Merantix Investors
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Merantix ideates, builds, and scales AI ventures, as an institutional co-founder, from ideation to scaling. Merantix brings some of the world’s most talented engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs together to tackle some of the world’s most challenging problems.

Founders and Advisors

The team consists of experienced entrepreneurs and experts in manufacturing and artificial intelligence.

Maximilian Fischer
Founder & CEO

Max is a mechanical engineer (ETH). He previously founded a company and digitized 40+ factories. In his startup, he led product management, sales, and marketing teams.

Silviu Homoceanu
Founder & CTO

Silviu has a Ph.D. in computer science and is a computer vision expert. He previously led a team that developed a robot taxi service at Volkswagen and built a startup in the security industry.

Adrian Locher

Adrian is co-founder of Merantix. He is a serial entrepreneur, successfully build a company to >100m revenue and is investor in more than 10 companies in digital healthcare, e-commerce, and AI.

Rasmus Rothe

Rasmus is co-founder of Merantix. He has published over 15 academic papers with more than 2000 citations on deep learning and built a face recognition service with 150m+ users.

Nicole Büttner

Nicole is co-founder of Merantix Momentum, a leading AI solutions firm. She is also recognized as  Digital Leader at the World Economic Forum.


We are hiring

We are building a remote-first team across Europe. If you are interested in joining us, check out our job posts. You can also directly write us at hi@deltia.ai.

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